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Travel protection, also known as travel insurance, is a safety net for your travel investment. It is something you can fall back on if anything goes wrong during your trip. But not all travel protection is created equal, and golfers should have travel protection that is above par for the course.

That is why TravelSafe Insurance created GolfSafe Travel Protection plans. Now, golfers have travel protection for their trip and their game.

It is travel insurance with emergency assistance. It is protection for your golf game, and it will keep your trip in alignment. With GolfSafe, you’ll have benefits like Trip Cancellation, Loss of Golf Rounds and much more.

Sliced your shot and smashed a windshield? While we applaud you for your back swing, we’ll cover the damages of your accident.

The GolfSafe plans are designed with the Golf Traveler in mind. Our plans provide protection for Lost Golf Rounds, Golf Obligation and Sports Equipment Rental as well as Property Damage to Covered Real or Personal Property.

It is important to insure the full cost of your trip and to purchase your plan within the time sensitive provision to receive the most benefits.

While credit cards often provide benefits for Accidental Death & Dismemberment and other limited benefits and services, they generally do not provide the same level of benefits available under a travel protection plan.

If you are not satisfied for any reason, you may return your Plan Documents to us within 10 days after receipt. Your plan payment (less any enrollment fees charged, where applicable) will be refunded, provided you have not filed a claim or departed on your trip. When so returned, the Plan Documents are void from the beginning.

If you are not satisfied for any reason, you may return your Plan Documents to us within 10 days after receipt. Your plan payment (less any enrollment fees charged, where applicable) will be refunded, provided you have not filed a claim or departed on your trip. When so returned, the Plan Documents are void from the beginning.

Should unforeseeable reasons force you to cancel, interrupt or delay your trip, travel insurance aims to reimburse you for the cost of your travel arrangements.

Golf travel always has an itinerary. You arrange your flight, ground transportation and reserve tee times. If unforeseen reasons impact your game, you can receive reimbursement for loss of golf rounds and more.

GolfSafe can protect you against the costs incurred from unexpected medical expenses, trip cancellation and emergency evacuation. This way, you can focus on your backswing and not the unexpected medical bills.

Baggage, personal items and golf equipment are all things you’ll take on your next golf trip. GolfSafe can reimburse you for the money spent on replacing items that are delayed, lost or stolen.

Sometimes, we need experts to handle emergencies while we travel. That is why GolfSafe includes 24 Hour Worldwide Assistance Services with all of its plans. We want our golfers to feel like we’ve got their back, no matter where they are in the world.

Golfers should always purchase their travel protection plan when booking their trip. Why? Because of time sensitive provisions.

Most travel protection plans contain time sensitive provisions which broaden coverage when purchased in a timely manner. For GolfSafe, it is almost always within 21 days of your initial trip deposit for most benefits, but it may vary by state. So make sure to read your certificate.

Purchasing within the time sensitive period broadens your coverage. It gives you benefits such as the Pre-Existing Conditions Waiver. It also allows your policy to provide coverage for bankruptcy or insolvency of a travel supplier and allows you to qualify for the optional Cancel for Any Reason Benefit.

Golf Obligation? No problem! Purchase your coverage within 24 hours of your initial trip deposit and you are eligible for reimbursement for beverage expenses purchased from the clubhouse due to golf obligation. Feel a little less sour next time your golf companion gets a hole in one.

Pro Tip! Waiting until final payment of your golf tour is a mistake. Purchase your travel protection within the time sensitive period. This way, you’ll receive broader coverage at the same price you would pay if you purchased your plan with final payment of your golf trip.

Trip Cancellation and Interruption protects the financial investment you’ve made in your golf tour against a variety of unforeseeable reasons, both medical and nonmedical, that may affect your trip to be canceled or interrupted.

Trip Interruption covers the cost of your unused, non-refundable land or water travel arrangements and the additional air expense to either resume your trip or return home, if you interrupt your travel plans and/or return home early from your trip for the same types of medical or non-medical reasons covered for Trip Cancellation.

Medical Expenses and Emergency Assistance reimburses you for medical treatment during your trip if you become sick or are injured while traveling or golfing. Additionally, air transport expenses (such as upgraded air arrangements, air ambulance, including doctor or nurse escort expenses) for medical evacuation are covered, if needed to obtain the appropriate level of care required for your condition.

Lost Golf Rounds ensures you will no longer lose money due to the inability to complete play on at least nine holes of an eighteen hole round because of weather during the round where the Club Management cancels or puts Your Golf round on delay, or suspension, for more than three hours on the day of play.

Did your golf companion get a hole in one? Golf etiquette says it’s your duty to purchase their drinks to celebrate their win. With this benefit, you’re eligible for for reimbursement for beverage expenses purchase from the clubhouse.

Be sure to read your certificate, exclusions apply!

Checked sports equipment gone missing? Not a problem. With this benefit, you can be reimbursed for the reasonable cost of renting golf equipments during the trip.

Travelers often take connecting transportation to their final destination or tour departure. Missed Connection aims to help travelers in the event they miss their trip departure due to unforeseen reasons.

This benefit comes in handy for many travelers every year. There is always a chance you might to cancel your golf trip, but your reasons aren’t covered under your policy. This benefit is for just that. You can cancel for any reason and receive up to 75% on your unused, non-refundable and prepaid expenses back. This is an optional benefit available to most travelers.

Sometimes we don’t ace a shot and our golf balls smash right through a windshield. If this happens to you while on your golf trip, you are eligible for property damage coverage up to your benefit limit.

Also known as flight insurance and AD&D. This benefit provides monetary benefits to your family in case of your accidental death or dismemberment during flight. This benefit is included in our Secure and Secure Plus plans with an optional add-on for additional coverage.

Included in all of our plans, 24-Hour Assistance Services help you in emergency situations.

With all of TravelSafe’s plans you can register your important medical information, which can be accessed should the need arise during your trip.

What if your airline or travel supplier ceases operations? Other airlines or travel suppliers may help find space for you, but usually at a cost. Sometimes you lose the entire cost of your trip! Our Classic and Classic Plus plans provide coverage for supplier Bankruptcy or Default.

Many travel insurance companies do not cover terrorist attacks because they consider them an act of war. If your trip is affected by an unforeseen Terrorist Attack, we have plans to help minimize the financial loss that you may incur.

As a traveler, you may have a pre-existing condition you fear will limit the medical coverage within your policy. If purchased within the time sensitive period, your policy can include the Pre-Existing Conditions Waiver. This can be good news for travelers who are considered able to travel by their physician because their condition is both stable and well-managed.

The Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans are no stranger to hurricanes. With TravelSafe plans, a hurricane warning in your destination city could mean a 100% reimbursement for you prepaid travel expenses.